Hoping to get a sneak peak of the Mt. Kinabalu, a natural UNESCO world heritage site, I and Ujjal set off for Kotakinabalu, the capital of Sabah. There is no doubt that the mountain (4095 meters) has been the main attraction of this Malaysian city for all the tourists and explorers. But to our surprise this long narrow coastal stretch fascinated us with all its natural and cultural diversities as well as friendly people.

Here are some of the highlights of our trip.

The most important comes first:

Google shows one of the commonly asked questions about Kinabalu: “Is it a volcano?” The answer is ‘No’! But that certainly does not make it the safest mountain. This massive plutonic body was pushed up from the earth’s crust millions of years ago and it is still rising at the annual rate of 0.5 mm. Back in 2015 it was affected by a deadly earthquake. But all those who still go for the summit definitely seals a lifetime experience! And all those who witness its grandeur from the base also enjoy a breathtaking view!

Clouds rolling over the mighty Kinabalu from Kundasang

They say, negative ions in the air are good for your body and its highest concentration is felt in clean air near mountain or forest. Its healing effect can be suddenly felt when you open the windows. Well, what could be a better place of feeling this than the Borneo rain forest! We switched off our car AC and rolled down the window! The chilly wind just refreshed our body, mind and soul as we crossed the beautiful hill town Kundasang!

View from Kundasang Town

Our next stop was ‘Desa Dairy Farm’. It is a high altitude grassland, also categorized as montane grasslands and is a an important part of Kinabalu ecosystem. We tasted the freshly made chocolate ice cream while enjoying the green meadows and cool wind.


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