Rajasthan – Culture and Street

Rajasthan was always a dream destination for me and my partner in crime. Just one visit was surely not enough to cover everything. Rather I should say, no one can entirely explore Rajasthan in one lifetime.  So we limited this visit to street, culture and few forts.

Call me 'biased' but other than India I have not yet visited a country which is so rich in art, culture, history and colors! Rajasthan is probably the gem of all Indian states in that sense. Even the variety of food easily attracts the foodie-travelers like us. Among all the special foods in Jodhpur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer,Udaipur I would specially remember the taste of that sumptuous Ker Sangri, I had in Jodhpur.

Once you are there, you can just feel how it is perfectly described in local dialect as "Mahro Rangeelo Rajasthan' (My Colorful Rajasthan). There is poetry in every street, story in every turn and colors everywhere! Also the folk music, we heard in various places, were simply unique and heartwarming. Here goes a link for my favorite Rajasthani song (fusion) which I played in loop during my travel. Perhaps you can also play while browsing the following series 🙂 Even if the language does not seem familiar you surely would not hate the song 😀